Covid 19 Update Status

  • Covid 19 Update Status
  • Covid 19 Update Status

2020 was a very different year for all of us and we have all had to adjust and change our work practices. As part of our Covid 19 operational plan we’d like to share

with you the measures our team have put in place to ensure a safe working environment for our staff and customers.

1. Personal Protective Equipment

We have sourced
the following PPE:- face masks, safety glasses, gloves, hand sanitizer,
anti-bacterial spray, paper roll etc.

Wearing of PPE will be mandatory (gloves will be optional as regular
hand-washing is seen as more effective) on site where the social distance cannot be

Our Sales and Surveying team are asked to wear
masks/vizors at all times when entering your home to take measurements or meet
with you. We would ask you to play your
part and respect the social distance guidelines and perhaps a good tip is to
leave all doors open within your home if the surveyor needs to move from room
to room to take measurements.

2. Temperature checks

We have issued digital non-contact thermometers to our teams and will take and record every
employee’s temperature at the start of the day and after lunch

Any employee with a temperature higher than
38°C will be sent home and advised to self-isolate.

3. Regular cleaning of
workstations & vans by all employees

Employees have been issued with anti-bacterial spray and paper roll, and must clean their
work area regularly,

typically at the start of shift, after lunch breaks and at the end of the
shift. Also all our vans have been fitted with wash stations which provide
clean hot water and soap to ensure hand hygiene is kept to highest standard.

4. Regular cleaning of
shared spaces by staff

Our office staff will be
tasked with cleaning shared areas multiple times per day, including
sanitizing of door handles and other high traffic areas.

5. Spacing of work
areas / working in teams

have been separated by 2m in line with social distancing advice. Where
employees are required to lift items in teams (this

should be for a short period of time) everyone must wear the appropriate PPE.

6. Surveyors, Fitters and

All of our teams working on
third party sites have completed the CIF induction on safety procedures for
Covid 19 and have been issued with clear health

and safety guidelines in relation to new work practices. We all must work
together and adopt the 2m social distance rule advised by the HSE

We would ask for your co-operation in this matter in order for us to carry out
our work safely minimizing the risk of further spread of the virus

matter in order for them to carry out their work safely minimizing the risk of
any further spread of the virus.

Our fitters have been
issued with new uniforms specifically designed to remind us all of the
importance of social distancing and PPE to protect us all from future risk

7. Staggered breaks
& spacing in canteen

Staggering of breaks will take place to minimize the number of employees
in the canteen area at one time.

Fitters will be asked to take breaks in their own vehicles or outside taking
extra care to adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

As part of our Leinster
Home and Windows family (whether that be B2B partners or customers) if you
have any queries on the safety measures mentioned in this bulletin, or any
other questions, please email us on [email protected] and
a member of our team will respond.

Our aim is to provide up to date help and
guidance on all our practices under the advice of the Irish
Government and the WHO.

Please keep safe and if we work together
we will be stronger in the battle to suppress this virus.